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Thursday, January 24, 2002

Been awhile since I wrote last, and I'm just about over the cold, etc.... Saw some nice guys today in morning English class. Kinda makes it hard to study Whittier or Thoreau when you're wondering what the guy in front of you would look like on the beach...or elsewhere :) I often wonder exactly what it is we seek for when we're attracted to other guys, or even to girls. Why him and not her? Or maybe, fortunately him and not her. I like to think of these things when I'm alone. Life seems to come in clearer then. The reception's not as clouded by other people's ideas, pressures, or anything else.

Oh well, back to class! Maybe he's at the coffeehouse or going back to his dorm. Can always think about him today and wait for class on Tuesday, or maybe a chance meeting between now and then! :)
jason 11:08 AM

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